Global Treatment Clinic with two new therapy tables

“We decided to go for the Therapy table S8, which provides us and our patients with unique ergonomics and working comfort,” they told us at the Global Treatment Clinic in Črnuče, Ljubljana.

A modern physiotherapy center

Global Treatment Clinic is a state-of-the-art physiotherapy center dedicated to treating injuries. The clinic’s team combines expertise in physiotherapy, functional diagnostics and kinesiotherapy, taking advantage of modern technologies. Functional diagnostics helps them make more precise individualized treatment programs easier.

Therapy tables bring great added value

Their decision for the Therapy Table S8 was mostly influenced by their wide range of patients. Their team specializes in areas ranging from pediatric physiotherapy, physiotherapy for the elderly, athletes, post-work injuries and orthopedic physiotherapy.

The eight-section table with electrical adjustments of individual sections allows us to optimally adjust the patient for a specific treatment. In addition, patient comfort during examinations and physiotherapy treatments is of paramount importance. Our patients praise the tables too. The disabled patients in wheelchairs have been particularly impressed, as the table allows the Jackknife position. The ergonomics of our physiotherapy treatments have improved greatly, even for the most demanding patients,” dr. Mitja Bračič told us.


Trust first-hand experience

We would like to thank Global Treatment Clinic physiotherapy center for their trust and for sharing their experience with us. We wish them many more successful physiotherapy sessions and satisfied patients.

If you too are looking for a quality therapy table that will support your work 100% and give your patients exceptional comfort, please contact our sales team. They will be happy to help you find the model that will suit your needs.

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