How to choose the right therapy table?

The choice of therapy table is a very important decision and the investment for a professional career. The following points should help you find the right one.

A therapy table should reflect your needs and fulfill the requirements of the treatments you perform. It might also be helpful to see some case studies presenting the choices of different practitioners.

Therapy table should support your work completely

Are you a masseur, physical therapist, chiropractor? Do you combine different approaches? Therapy tables feature two- or more sections and you need to choose according to your specific needs. Masseurs and manual therapists need a comfortable and uniform surface that provides patients with comfort. Sport massages and physiotherapy require exact patient positions during treatment, which is possible only with more-section therapy tables. Chiropractic, osteopathy and other demanding therapies require a therapy table with even more sections. As such it provides for the complete relaxion of some parts of the body and allows the practitioner to access the patient more easily.

Therapy table’s stability and weight capacity

Therapy table needs to be perfectly stable to allow practitioners to apply strong pressure. The table shouldn’t bend or move during treatment. This is also important for patient’s safety.

Do not forget to think about the patients that come to your practice. Are they adults or children? How much weight capacity a therapy table in your practice should have depends on that.

Therapy table should ease your job

A therapy table should help you perform treatments and at the same time help you protect your health. Your back should not suffer as your professional work depends on your health and well- being.

Therapy tables come in different widths. Try out which suits you best so you will be able to access your patients more easily. Choose a therapy table that features an electric or hydraulic height adjustment. You will be able to work at proper height not to damage your back. At the same time, you will be able to provide easy access for patients with impaired mobility. With more-section tables in particular, positioning is much easier if at least the middle two sections are electric because they bear the majority of patient’s weight.

Therapy table should provide perfect patient comfort

Your patient’s well-being comes first. Therapy table’s padding should be very comfortable as treatment’s success depends also on patient’s relaxation. If the patients lie in prone position choose a table with a breathing hole in the head section.

 Therapy table and cleaning

The therapy table’s design should be simple and clean. The surfaces of the table’s base should be smooth so they are easy to clean. The padding should be upholstered in quality seamless leather.

No matter what kind of treatments you perform, you will surely find the right therapy table that will be perfect for you. Such, that it will ensure you to do your job easier and effectively and offer your patients the utmost comfort.

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