Online configurator for examination, therapy and massage tables

You certainly wish that your examination, therapy or massage table would be a tailor-made product. Choose your medical table among the new S-line Red dot awarded tables. Make the table suit your every need using our on-line configurator.

Explore the new S-line tables using our on-line configurator

The easiest way to explore the new S-line examination, therapy and massage table is to use our on-line configurator. The Red Dot Award winning tables with their exquisite design and exceptional functionality can become a custom-made product in just a few clicks.


Configurator to make the best decision

The configurator will help you get to know all the details and options the new tables offer. It can help you make the best choice according to your specific professional needs and requirements as well as your personal preferences. Take time and consider different configurations as the examination, therapy or massage table is the essential equipment supporting you and your staff during treatments.

How to use the configurator

Among examination, therapy and massage tables, firstly, choose a model that suits you. Is this a two-, three-, four- or eight- section table? Then click configurate on the chosen model and this is the starting point of the configuration.

Configurator steps

  1. Choose the height adjustment operation and table width.
  2. Choose among upholstery colors and a variety of accessories. Imitation leather is available in more than 30 different colors so that your table can match other equipment in the premises. Then equip the table with accessories according to the specific requirements of your job. An infusion stand, a paper roll holder, fixation rails, an armrest, safety rails, a three-part head section and a breathing hole are only some of the available accessories you can choose from.

Configurations and your user account

You can save each configuration including the product description and its picture to the user account you create. This will ease the comparison of different configurations you have made. To find out about the price, simply send us an inquiry and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Help and support with the configurator

If you have any questions regarding the configurations, our sales team will gladly provide you with answers. If you would like to try out the tables, you are more than welcome to visit our showrooms in Komenda, Slovenia and Dietikon, Switzerland.

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