Getting the face cushion was the best decision!

This is how one of our satisfied clients described the purchase. Massage and therapy tables provide exceptional comfort, but breathing holes often represent a weak spot. By using a face cushion you can ensure that the patient experiences no discomfort or pressure on the face during treatment.

Provide total comfort during treatment

Therapists repeatedly point out that a treatment can only be successful if the patient is fully relaxed. When the patient is lying on a massage or therapy table, it is of utmost importance that he or she is as comfortable as possible. Novak M tables feature high-quality padding – the clients themselves can tell the difference, as we have explored in the article on massage tables at the Salon Tanča beauty salon.

Special care for the patient’s face

When the patient is lying on his or her stomach during treatment, the face is resting in the breathing hole. Regardless of the shape of the hole – wide or narrow, shorter or longer – it can never be designed to fit all your patients perfectly. Our faces are as different as we are as people. Some have longer necks, others high foreheads, wide and full cheeks or narrow elongated faces. Lying face-down during treatment can thus become uncomfortable precisely because the patient is unable to find a position that feels good on his or her face. Many experience discomfort around the forehead area; for many men, the table presses uncomfortably against their Adam’s apple.

Face cushion – the perfect solution

The face cushion was designed to fit faces of all shapes and sizes as well as all types of breathing holes on massage and therapy tables.

Made of memory foam

The face cushion is made of a two-layer memory foam. This material was chosen precisely because of its outstanding characteristics. Highly elastic memory foam cells fully compress when pressure is applied, and slowly return to their original shape when the pressure is lifted. This flexibility prevents the cushion from causing additional pressure on the body. The cushion is also heat sensitive and immediately adapts to the patient’s body temperature.

When the patient’s face rests on the face cushion, the cushion gently envelops the entire face. It molds completely to the facial contours, preventing the patient from experiencing any kind of counterpressure. Regardless of the size of the face and its features, comfort is guaranteed.

After lying face-down for prolonged periods of time, the breathing hole can leave bothersome imprints on the patient’s face. This is prevented by using a face cushion due to the flexibility of memory foam.

Face cushion cover

The cushion cover is made of a washable fabric. As it is predominantly composed of cotton (97 %) with a bit of elastane for additional flexibility (3 %), it is pleasant to the touch. It is available in blue and white color.

Want to know more about the face cushion?

The face cushion is a small accessory that is nevertheless indispensable in combination with a breathing hole in therapy and massage tables due to its exceptional characteristics. Taking into account the outstanding comfort it brings to your clients, its price is negligible. Our sales team will be happy to provide any additional information you might need, and you can try the cushion in person by visiting one of our showrooms. We are looking forward to seeing you there!

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