New massage table in Physiotherapy Katharina Kutzenberger, Austria

“It’s time to dumbbell” – leave the comfort zone and try something new!” says the motto of a young physical therapist from Weißkirchen an der Traun, Austria. It is like a call to all her patients or to us all to not be afraid of new steps.

New physiotherapy practice

Katharina Kutzenberger, BSc, is certainly not afraid of making new steps herself. In 2019 she became self-employed and opened her own physiotherapy practice. In the end of last year, she bought a new Novak M massage table through our partner Meditec Medizintechnik GmbH.

Individual approach

Her approach to her patients is very individual. Together with her patients, they set tailored goals the patient should achieve through therapy and by following advice on everyday life and home exercise. She offers her services in manual therapy, rehabilitation after surgery, therapies for neurophysiological diseases and injuries and manual lymph drainage.

Massage table – perfect support for the therapist

Massage table S3, the therapist has chosen, is electrically height adjustable. It allows her to adjust to each individual patient. She always treats her patients at the appropriate height and relieve her spine. Regardless of where she stands during treatment, she can lift or lower the table by foot due to the circular switch. She can set her patient into an exact position required by treatment easily thanks to gas spring supported table sections.


…and patients

The table’s padding is 8 cm thick and made of two-layer foam, which makes it perfectly comfortable for her patients. The breathing hole is softer and feels gentler to patient’s face thanks to the memory foam edge.

With a quality massage table towards new challenges

Novak M wishes Katharina Kutzenberger, BSc, to achieve as many goals as possible restoring the quality of life of her patients by improving their motor skills and regaining their independence in everyday tasks.

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