Therapy table S4 at Postura FT, Croatia

In January, a new Novak M therapy table arrived to the Postura Physical Therapist Centre. Since then, adjusting various patient positions they require during physiotherapy treatments has become really quick and easy.

Quality equipment to support physiotherapy treatments

The importance of quality equipment for physiotherapy treatments is appreciated at the Postura FT Physiotherapy Centre, located on the sunny coast of Makarska in Croatia. They specialize in medical and sports rehabilitation, giving priority to manual therapy using the ETGOM Cyriax method and the ERGON IASTM soft tissue healing technique. The purchase of a four-section therapy table, which is electrically adjustable and has a three-part head section, represents a big step forward for both the therapist and their patients.

For physiotherapist’s good posture

The electric therapy table makes the therapist’s job easier and allows them to take maximum care of their own body health. The height of the lying surface can be adjusted at any time during the treatment, regardless of where the therapist stands around the patient. The circular switch is operated by foot on all four sides of the table. This makes it easy for them to take care of their correct posture, more about you can read in one of our previous posts.

In addition, the middle two sections of the four-section therapy table are supported by motors and are easily adjusted by means of a hand switch. Since these two sections bear the majority of patient’s weight, it represents a great relief for the therapist.

Patient support

The wide and comfortable lying surface provides maximum comfort for patients during physiotherapy sessions. The key feature of the four-section table is that it allows the patient to be placed in various positions, for example the Jack-knife position. It allows the spine to be completely relieved.

Three-part head section

The Therapy table S4 is equipped with a three-part head section, which makes an important contribution to further relaxation of the patient’s neck, shoulders and back when lying in prone position. The innovative mechanism allows both armrests to be adjusted simultaneously and does not hinder the therapist’s access to their patients.


Thank you for trusting our products

We would like to thank Postura FT Physiotherapy Centre for their trust and our Croatian partner Panon Trade for their cooperation. If you are also looking for a therapy table, please contact us and we will help you choose a model that will perfectly support your professional work.

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