Therapy Table S4 is perfect for beauty and massage treatments at Studio Jablana

The fruit of the tree that gives the studio its name (Apple tree) symbolizes health, shelter, homeliness and simplicity. Nataša Pevec, the owner of the studio, has really created a place with her energy and quality service where her clients feel relaxed and leave feeling better and happier.

A combination of treatments and massages

At Studio Jablana you will receive quality beauty and therapeutic treatments. They provide facial and body treatments and help you feel better with therapeutic massages, Japanese Shiatsu, Chinese reflexology and the Chi Nei Tsang Tao method.

Which model for the combination of beauty and massage table?

The fact to consider when choosing a table model was that Mrs. Nataša uses it for a variety of treatments, both facial and massage. She needs to ensure that her clients are completely comfortable and relaxed, so she was looking for a luxurious mattress but that would also allow different positions. The four-section therapy table allows her to place her clients in a fully extended position for massages and a comfortable, ergonomic sitting position for beauty treatments.

It allows me to work uninterrupted

I want to be relaxed and efficient at my job. The table adjustments are quick and easy, which makes me more comfortable too. The table allows me to move more smoothly around the head section, especially when performing facial treatments. There is enough space for the appliances I use, thanks to the slender base,” said Mrs. Nataša. “Another great advantage of the table are the retractable castors. I perform one of the Eastern Shiatsu techniques on the floor on a mat. I can then easily move the table without any effort,” she added.

Are you also looking for a table that will meet the needs of your work?

Visit our website, where you can use the online configurator to customize each model of our examination, massage or therapy tables to suit your needs. Choose from a variety of accessories and over 30 colors of imitation leather! We are at your disposal for any questions.

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