Height adjustable table is a luxury for practitioners and their patients

Examination, massage or a therapy table is essential equipment at your practice for welcoming patients in a comfortable and 100 % safe manner. Having a height adjustable table means offering your patients appropriate height to help them take up their position. At the same time, this marvelous function saves your body from occupational injuries as you can set the table into an optimal position during treatment.

You care for your patient’s health, Novak M takes care of yours

As your patient is always positioned at the optimal height in a lying position, you don’t need to worry about damaging your back. The height of our products can be regulated with minimal effort, so you can enjoy great comfort during longer treatments. There are several efficient ways to adjust the height of Novak M examination, massage or therapy tables.


Tables with electric height adjustment

If one seeks to protect their health over the long term, having a height-adjustable table is a must. The exact and appropriate height Novak M table for each individual medical examination or treatment can be adjusted electrically with a simple foot switch on basic models or by the innovative circular switch on electric models. The latter is operated by foot from all sides of the table with a simple push up and down.

Hydraulic height adjustment with foot pedal

When there is no access to electricity in your facility or when with the nature of your work you can’t afford to use an electric product, Novak M offers several hydraulic models. You can regulate the height by pressing a foot pedal on either side of the table. To set the table into its lowest position, you push the pedal slightly up and to raise it back up, you need to press the foot pedal repeatedly.

adjusting the height on hydraulic stretcher X2

Choose perfection

With the help of our online configurator, you can tailor any Novak M product according to your needs. For additional questions, the Novak M sales team and our representative partners from around the world are always available and glad to help. You can also schedule a visit to our showroom in Komenda, where you can see and try out the products in person.

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