Experience easy positioning with Stretcher X2

When admitted to an emergency ward, patients with different medical conditions are placed on stretchers. During the time they spend on it, it has to provide full support for their condition and ensure maximum comfort.

Exceptional minimum height

Often, the first stretcher’s position a patient needs is the minimal height of its lying surface which allows for easy access. When they mount on the stretcher, especially elderly or those in pain will benefit the most from the Stretcher X2’s exceptional minimal height at 52 cm.

woman sitting on stretrcher at minimum height

In emergency situations

Stretcher X2 assures medical personnel that they can react quickly and efficiently in critical situations. When a patient suffers a sudden drop of blood pressure or faints, they can place them into the Trendelenburg position hands free. By pressing the foot pedals on either side of the stretcher, its top can be tilted down to -18°. Elevating patient’s legs above their heart helps to move blood from the legs to the heart, brain and other vital organs. The Anti-Trendelenburg position helping patients minimize reflux problems is also possible.

Adjustment of head section

The head section is manually adjustable. Since it is supported by gas springs and it features ergonomic levers on both sides as well as handy handles on the corners, its lifting and lowering requires minimal effort. Medical personnel can lift the head section up to an angle of 85°.


Comfort and support

While patients lay on a stretcher waiting for treatment or resting after it, the caregivers can lift the head section just to make them more comfortable. But, many times they have to lift the head section higher to support patient’s medical condition. The sitting position called also the Fowler’s position, where the head section is raised between 30° and 90°, is used for patients who have difficulty breathing or experience heart problems. This position promotes oxygenation allowing maximum lung and chest expansion.

nurse is adjusting the stretcher's leg section

Knee gatch

With the four-section patient transport trolley Stretcher X, also the leg section is manually adjustable. Caregivers can elevate patient’s legs up to 27°. Due to a knee gatch of -5°, their legs are slightly bent under the knees for extra support.

Stretcher X2 is the perfect solution

Patient transport trolley Stretcher X2 answers the needs for quick and effortless adjustment of different patient positions. With the foot pedals and levers located just where they should be, caregivers can effectively support their patients’ medical conditions and at the same time ensure their maximum comfort.

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