Stretcher to best fit your needs

When it comes to saving a human life, every second counts. With the right equipment you can provide appropriate treatment more easily. Check out all the options our patient transport trolleys have to offer in the on-line configurator.

You know best

You know best what kind of equipment is needed in your department. You know how you treat patients and what characteristics and accessories of patient transport trolleys help you ensure efficient and safe treatment. The easiest way to consider all the options is to use our on-line configurator.

First step: Choose among different models

The first step of our configurator helps you narrow down your choice. Consider the number of sections that allow different patient position options. Choose between the electric and hydraulic height adjustment. Decide whether your stretcher needs C-arm compatibility. Explore different models of Stretcher X, Stretcher X2 and Stretcher SL.


Second step: Customize the stretcher to fit your needs

Equip the stretcher with all accessories that will help you get your everyday tasks done with less effort, quicker and more effectively. In the configurator, simply add those you need and every change in the equipment you make will be seen on the picture. Besides, the configurator warns you if some accessories are incompatible or need to be included.

How to reach the final decision?

The configurator enables you to really dedicate to the choice. You can save different configurations and compare them. To find out about the prices, send us an enquiry. Our team is available for additional questions you might come across or pay a visit to our showroom in Komenda.

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