Stretchers X2 at the World Athletics Championship

Stretchers X2 will support athletes at the World Athletics Championship, which takes place in Budapest from 19 to 27 August 2023.

Queen of Sports

Budapest is hosting the world’s top athletics event, which is again taking place on the old continent after 6 years, at a newly built venue. The National Athletics Centre on the banks of the Danube River, which seats 40,000 spectators, is built to the latest standards. After the championship, it will be open to the public as a leisure and sports center.

Excellence in all areas

The championship, which is attended by 2000 athletes from more than 200 countries, requires state-of-the-art infrastructure in all areas. Also, preventive and emergency care for athletes as well as spectators, media, broadcast and the organizer body must be guaranteed. Novak M equipment, 9 Stretcher X2 and examination table S3 are there to assist medical and therapeutic teams that will be attending to injuries and other emergency situations.

Stretcher X2 – for safe and effective treatment

With their outstanding functionality, the Stretcher X2 will support the work of medical teams in the event of injuries. The platform features four sections and allows different patient positions to ensure that first examinations and necessary treatments are carried out quickly and efficiently. Large castors, easy steering and handling as well as safety rails are essential features to ensure safe patient transport.


Thank you

We would like to thank our consultant and partner in Hungary: Tibor Wochna. We are delighted that our stretchers have been chosen to support the athletes at such an important championship.


*Cover photo by Peter Kastelic

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