Novak M team at the Franja Marathon and picnic

The whole world already knows that the Slovenians are among the best cycling nations. You can find quite a few cycling enthusiasts also among our Novak M team, not only fans, but also those riding their bikes. That’s why we had a strong team for the Franja Marathon this year.

At the Franja Marathon

We invited our employees and their family members to take part in the Marathon and in the end we gathered a team of 12 cyclists. Primož Roglič’s victory at the Giro d’Italia made us all even more anxious for the Franja Marathon, the largest recreational cycling event in Slovenia.

Well prepared

Our riders took the race seriously and got together for two official trainings. They were prepared for all weather conditions, as at the first one they got soaked. Fortunately, the weather on the day of the race was more pleasant. They participated in the Triglav Little Franja Marathon, which is a 97 km long trial. At the start, everybody was in high spirits. Shiny bikes, energy bars in the pockets, full bidons, cycling jerseys in Novak M colors and big smiles full of anticipation… Outstanding!

And across the finish line

We met the cyclists at the finish line too. You can’t say they weren’t tired, but this couldn’t overshadow the satisfaction. To cycle in such a crowd, to give all you have and more and cross the finish line, that’s what they had hoped for and achieved. To be part of this amazing event is just remarkable every year!

Finishing the day with a nice get-together

However, our day was not over yet. The cyclists and all other employees with their families were invited for a picnic. We spent a pleasant afternoon together at Sport Club Kubu. There was plenty of good food and drink, and no shortage of energy for sport activities. The children enjoyed the playgrounds, some had fun playing volleyball and we all had time to chat with each other. Looking forward to next year!!!

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