Meet Borut Fonda

Among our employees, you can find several enthusiastic cyclists and this year our team will be taking part in the Franja Marathon in the largest number. Besides, it is also the season of the world’s famous bike races. That’s why we present to you Borut Fonda, one of the biggest experts in the field of bike fitting. He collaborates with some of the world’s most famous names in cycling and under his Absolute Black brand, he tests and develops cycling gear.

At the highest level

We visited him at Fonda Sport Performance in Radovljica. The moment you step in, you feel this is where things are done at a highly professional level. The cycling jerseys on the walls, including Tadej Pogačar’s yellow jerseys from the Tour de France, further confirm that. In one corner, there is a comfortable sofa for conversation, in another a treatment table, in the third a desk with two large screens and in the last one a work desk with various gear and tools. In the middle, there is a platform with a trainer and 6 cameras to monitor the cyclist.

Optimal on the bike

Both, recreational cyclists as well as the best from the cycling world come to Dr Borut Fonda searching to improve their performance. Since cyclists vary greatly in their constitution and abilities, mechanical measurements are used to adjust the optimal bike set-up for each individual and optimize their posture.

Holistic treatment of athletes

Athletes are treated in a very holistic way. After an initial discussion, Borut Fonda, who has a PhD in kinesiology and BA degree in physical conditioning, performs a functional examination on the treatment table. He assesses the cyclist’s mobility, their hip mobility and alike. If the cyclist comes in with pain, they try very hard to identify its origin and do everything to eliminate the cause.  His team therefore also involves physicians, a physiatrist and a traumatologist, to find the right diagnosis, and a kinesiotherapist, whose treatment contributes to rehabilitation and prevention.

Development of cycling equipment

The other field of dr. Fonda’s work is scientific research of cycling equipment. Under his own brand Absolute Black, he develops new products and tests the existing ones in his laboratory. The oval chainring, which has been scientifically proven to help propulsion efficiency, has gained worldwide recognition.

Passion and expertise go hand in hand

Passion and enthusiastic spirit are certainly the key factors that led him to success and global recognition, and they can be felt instantly when talking to him. But of course, in addition to the expertise he has acquired in his studies in Slovenia and the UK and his experience as a mountain biker in the Olympic discipline of cross-country cycling. We wish him further success and hope he may help many more cyclists reach their optimum in terms of comfort, safety and performance.


Title photo: Borut Fonda archive
Photo gallery: Novak M

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