Novak M cyclists at the Franja Marathon

Some high spirits finally: warm weather after the cold and rainy May, the covid-19 situation in Slovenia is impoving, our team of cyclists were happy to take part in the Marathon Franja cycling event.

The 40th Marathon Franja

After last year, when the marathon was held in September and only in small number due to Covid-19 epidemic, we share the enthusiasm with all the cyclists that the situation has allowed the organisation of the biggest cycling event for amateur cyclists in Slovenia. This year in particualr as it is the 40th Franja Marathon in a row. Over the weekend, cyclists set off on five different routes: the 83km Barjanka through the Ljubljansko barje, the 25km Ikea family-school marathon and a short route the youngest riders on Saturday and the 97km Little Franja and the 156km Great Franja for the more fit cyclists.

novak m cyclist

Novak M cyclists

Three cyclists in Novak M colours took part in the Little Franja Marathon. Their challenge was to just do their best, ride the 97 km and cca 700 vertical metres and to beat themselves. “To experience a race is something special! When you cycle in a group, you get extra strength and energy! You just give everything you’ve got. Fantastic!” they told us at the finish line with smiling faces and pleasantly tired.

two cyclists riding bikes at marathon

Novak M congratulates and encourages

Congratulations to our cyclists! We hope that in the summer days to come, we will all find time for some trip to nature by bike or on foot. The greenery, fresh air and some physical effor will surely give us some new strength and energy for the challenges ahead.

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