It is time for Marathon Franja 2024!

Cycling enthusiasm continues. Every year around this time, it reaches its peak as it’s time for the Marathon Franja, the biggest cycling event for amateur cyclists in Slovenia.

Something new every year

For the first time, we had a girl on our team who accepted the challenge of Mala Franja and did it like a walk in the park. The boys, however, decided to take on the Velika Franja: 154 km. It was a bigger challenge, but our team, as you may have read in our news, who trained diligently, dealt with it easily. Everyone, and that is most important, crossed the finish line successfully with tired smiles and tons of satisfaction.

first Novak M female cyclist

Picnic is becoming traditional

In the afternoon, employees—cyclists or not—gathered for a picnic. The kids started off shy, eyeing each other like cautious kittens, but soon they were tearing around the playground. The older kids and the most eager adults dove into a game of beach volleyball. The rest of us spent time chatting, laughing, and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere. It was a perfect way to end a day full of excitement and effort.


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