Back on bikes

The pleasant spring temperatures haven’t just brought out the snowdrops, but also our cyclists.

Season opener

Although winter hasn’t officially ended yet, the weather is spring warm. Our enthusiastic cyclists seized the nice weekend and set out on their first group route this year in the south-east of our country.

66 km for starters

They began their 66 km circular route in Črnomelj and headed towards the Kolpa River. For the season opener, they chose quite a challenging route and made some 1100 vertical meters. They followed the course of the Kolpa River for more than half of the journey, from Adlešiči, Vinica to Stari trg pri Kolpi. There, they departed from the river and headed back to the starting point.

On the road

Empty roads, ascents and descents, curves, and warm sunshine. They couldn’t have wished for better conditions. Of course, it wouldn’t be complete without at least some competitive spirit: who was the first on this and that ascent, who had the highest speed on the descent, who needed an extra boost from Haribo candies. They happily discussed these and more over a lunch, marking the end of their first training session of the year.

We’ll surely hear more about their challenges and achievements this year!

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