Novak M team at the Ljubljana Marathon

The Ljubljana Marathon took place again this year and our runners were there too. We are happy and proud of everyone; a 10 km run is not just a piece of cake.

25th Ljubljana Marathon

Runners from all over the world gathered on the streets of Ljubljana again after two years because the marathon was cancelled due to covid measures last year. More than 5000 runners took part in the 42 km marathon, 21 km half marathon and 10 km run and the members of our running team were among them.

runners at Ljubljana Marathon

Congratulations to everyone

Our runners took part in the 10 km run, where they say you can reach your limits and even if you are not an experienced runner, you can run the distance in a satisfactory time. From the happy faces at the finish line, we believe that the runners gave their best. Just taking part in an event like this is a special experience! The crowd of runners, the fans along the whole route and the excellent organization made for a really remarkable atmosphere.

We would also like to highlight the excellent result of our colleague Jure, who achieved a time of 34:46 and was only 3:55 behind the best runner. Bravo Jure!

Mens sana in corpore sano!

At Novak M, we are happy to support the sporting activities of our employees and of course their family members😊. See you next year!

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