Stretcher SL for bringing treatment to a higher level

Having the best medical equipment to support the personnel’s work is crucial in every hospital. Stretcher SL is an excellent choice to ensure safety and comfort to patients as well as easy adjustments and manageability to specialists. It is perfect to admit, transport and treat patients faster and more efficiently.

Stretcher SL – to work faster and smoother in a hospital

Along with the renewed S-line medical tables, we improved Stretcher SL as well. With simple and functional design, a patient transport trolley guarantees safety and complete comfort to the patients. The medical personnel can easily adjust the stretcher so that it meets their quality expectations to work better and faster. To get a completely tailor-made stretcher for your facility, you can use the online configurator.

Safety and comfort come first

Stretcher SL ensures perfect safety to the patients with firm safety rails, fast positioning into Trendelenburg in case of emergency and a very low access position. Your patients will be comfortably placed on the 8 cm thick mattress, which is covered in biocompatible antistatic PU material. To ensure the required high hygiene standards, the seams are welded and taped.

Medical staff prefer using superior equipment

You can easily adjust the patient transport trolley by pushing the hydraulic pedal on either side of the table. Stretcher SL has a sturdy base and standard weight capacity of 250 kg, that greatly contribute to its stability. Big antistatic castors with central locking system enable free maneuvering along the hospital corridors, while the dual height push handles simplify stretcher’s pushing to medical staff.


Interested to purchase your Stretcher?

If you want to know more about the available accessories and cleaning instructions, you can contact us. Arrange a meeting with Novak M experienced sales team at showroom in Komenda, where they will gladly help you meet your needs.

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