Safety rails granted the US patent as well

Quality, innovation and staying close to the end-users have been the key points of development of medical equipment in the 40 years of our family business. The patent granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office is another confirmation that we are doing our job well.

Proud of the granted patents

When designing our products end-users always come first: medical personnel, we try to ease their work by functionality of our products and patients, whose safety and comfort we need to ensure. Today we are proud to announce that besides the EU patent nr. EP3496694A1 granted in 2020, the safety rails were granted the US patent as well. The “Connecting element for a medical bedrail, assembly comprising it and procedure for assembling said assembly” was given the US patent nr. 11110019. It relates to the connecting element between the horizonal and vertical rods of the safety rail.

The path to innovation

The problem that led to the innovation was how to provide a connecting element which will allow the rail to be assembled in a quick and simple fashion while ensuring a sturdy connection of the rail elements. The rail has to allow quick switching from folded to deployed position to ensure safety and easy patient transfer. The rail needs to be sturdy and strong while in practice the rail is often used for moving the trolley.

The connecting element ensuring a sturdy connection, which is the object of the patent, is a single piece. It means fewer components, no bolts, no special tools. Less time is needed for the rail assembly, it increases its durability and provides as few unsmooth surfaces as possible which is a major concern in medical beds.

Discover the indispensable part of equipment

Safe patient transport is what the products that feature safety rails have in common. Patient trolleys Stretcher X and Stretcher SL are primarily intended for patient transport in emergency departments, while Day hospital chair ZeroG replaces both a patient trolley and a hospital bed in out-patient departments. Browse through our website and customize the products to fit your needs best in the on-line configurator and contact our sales team if you have any questions.

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