New Day hospital chairs in Toš Surgical Center

The Toš Surgical Center has been operating successfully in Ptuj for more than 20 years, and the cooperation with Novak M also goes a long way back. They focus on quality both in their medical services and in the choice of medical equipment.

Toš Surgical Center

Approximately 7,000 patients are treated in the Toš Surgical Center every year and as many as 2,000 surgeries are performed. The main areas of their services include surgery, dermatology and aesthetics. In addition to the dermatology and surgical practices, the center also has a day hospital. At the beginning of this year, it was modernly equipped with four Day hospital chairs, which stand out for their innovative solutions and comfort.surgeon at Toš surgical center

For perfect comfort in a day hospital

The new Day hospital chairs have brought a new dimension to the Toš day hospital. Since the delivery, when the medical staff tried lying on them, they knew that this was the right decision and patients share their excitement for comfort. After surgeries, patients spend from one to 12 hours, sometimes even more lying on them. According to dr. Toš, patients usually lie on their backs after the procedures and the “cloud position” turns out to be really extremely comfortable and easily adjustable as well.

day hospital room at Toš surgical center

When action is needed quickly

Despite the relatively short period of using the chairs in the day hospital, the staff has experienced that the functionality of the chair is in place. In case of emergency, the chair is set in the Trendelenburg or fully extended CPR position only by pressing one button. “When your priority is to help the patient quickly, you don’t have to think about how to adjust the head section and then the leg section. You only press the red button, the desired position sets and you can take action,” concludes dr. Toš his view on the characteristics of the chair.


New challenges

At the Toš Surgical Center, with the second generation of the Toš family in the business which we have in common, they have new challenges ahead. The center is preparing to expand its premises. We wish them to successfully achieve the goals and we look forward to working with them again.

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