Day hospital chairs ZeroG in Medical center Iatros

With the renovation earlier this year, the Medical center Iatros also modernized its day hospital premises. For patient admission, transport and recovery after surgeries, they chose Day hospital chairs ZeroG which prove to be the perfect equipment.

Day hospital in Medical center Iatros

Medical center Iatros, with whom we have been cooperating for years, was presented in one of our former posts. This time we are focusing on their experience with day hospital chairs which are still quite new on the market. The chairs were developed in response to the newest trends of day hospitals and in Iatros they have been working like that since the beginning. Their patients are admitted, operated and discharged to home care on the same day.

Day hospital chair – two in one

The conversation we had with their personnel, who kindly took some of their time, proved that day hospital chairs really combine all the advantages of a good patient trolley and a comfortable hospital bed. And, that is what a day hospital needs.

Day hospital chair is a perfect transport trolley

After their experience with day hospital chairs, the Iatros personnel describes them as exceptionally easy to maneuver and handle. Patients are admitted on the first floor and transported to the day hospital operating rooms on the ground floor. »Although the chair seems like a big bed, it is light and extremely easy to handle during transport,” says a male nurse. “Also my female colleagues, who have lighter figures than myself, can handle the chair by themselves, in and out of the elevator and move it sideways against the wall. You might need some skill to move it sideways, but you don’t need an extra pair of hands,” he adds, “and that is what matters.”

Day hospital chair exceeds the comfort of many a hospital bed

In Medical center Iatros, they perform proctological operations and their patients spend 6 to 8 hours on average after the procedure in their premises. Patients settle on day hospital chairs when admitted and after the operation for recovery. The nurse tells us that almost every patient comments on the comfort of the new chairs, especially those who have been there before. “Right after the operation, we put a patient in the appropriate position and after some time during recovery they set their position by themselves. The hand switch is right at hand and very simple to use,” she explains. The chairs additionally feature the leg rests which are “fabulous” as described by the male nurse.

Patient’s safety is taken care of

Day hospital features a pair of safety rails to ensure patient safety during transport and recovery. The SOS button on the hand switch is also a great advantage. “In case your patient feels sick or their blood pressure lowers, you only press the button. You don’t waste time for adjustment, the chair adjusts in the position with raised legs as needed,” explains the male nurse.

Are you furnishing day hospital premises too?

Our selection of products features products for day hospitals and outpatient surgeries. You are kindly welcome to browse through our website, use the online configurator to customize the product to fit your needs or visit our showroom. Our sales team will gladly take time and help you with the right piece of advice.

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