Fabjan Esthetics chose Novak M medical equipment

Top specialists need equipment that supports them fully at their work. This is the contact point between Novak M and Fabjan Esthetics who have been working in the field of plastic, reconstructive and esthetic surgery for almost 30 years.

Fabjan Esthetics have clinics on seven different locations in Slovenia and in more than five European countries. Years of experience and international expertise of their personnel ensure safe and professional treatment. Novak M medical equipment contributes to reaching the highest standards of their services.

Dr. Fabjan Clinic in Šenčur by Kranj, Slovenija, has opened earlier this year. Patients can consult with specialists in the new practices, where minor esthetic surgeries are performed too. The top-notch equipment and pleasant ambience add to their patients’ trust. The practices have been equipped with the examination tables picked by their personnel according to their needs and demands.

Electric Examination tables SXL with extra long head section allows them to position patients in a half-seated position during examinations. Gynaecological examination table S is designed to cater for general, gynecological, urological and proctological examinations. Therapy table S3 is a 3-section table with an extended head section, a breathing hole and softer padding. These characteristics in particular make the table suitable for more demanding examinations and minor surgical procedures they perform. It allows different positions, the seated and Trendeleburg as well, and offers perfect patient comfort. The comfort and good posture of their medical personnel is ensured by Medicine stools.

In August this year, Dr. Fabjan Clinic in Šenčur lent us their new premises for the filming of our new corpo video. We would like to thank them again and wish them many successful treatments and satisfied patients.

If you are searching for top equipment for your practice or a clinic, contact us or visit us in our showrooms in Ljubljana, Slovenija, or Dietikon, Switzerland. Our team will take the time to help you choose the product that will fulfil your every need and requirements.

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