Day hospital chair ZeroG – 2 in 1 chair!

Day hospital chair ZeroG was developed in response to the latest trends in outpatient surgery and postoperative recovery. With a design that enables easy and safe transport and facilitates extremely comfortable recovery after surgery, the new ZeroG chair perfectly replaces both a stretcher and an electric hospital bed. With this product you get a “2 in 1” chair for your facility.

Easy preparation of the patient for surgery and safe transport even along the narrowest corridors.

One of the chair’s key benefits is low sitting position that enables patients’ easier access on the chair. Integrated armrests on safety rails allow the medical staff to prepare the patient for a surgery. By lifting the firm and solid safety rails on both sides you ensure patients’ safety during the ride and recovery. During the transport the ZeroG day hospital chair can be set into completely flat position which is also perfect for all patients’ transfers from the ZeroG chair to any OP table and vice versa.

Exceptional mobility and agility to and from the operating room are guaranteed by castors with central locking system and can be activated from all sides of the chair. Besides them we also added two fifth wheels for excellent manoeuvrability and turning on the spot. Managing the chair is simplified also due to the push handles at head section on optimal hight. The chair and surrounding area are always protected with bumpers on the corners at leg section.

Guaranteed comfortable recovery for patients after any surgical procedure.

When it comes to functionality and comfort of the Day hospital chair ZeroG, we make no compromises. We are committed to provide the ultimate user experience. Simple adjustments of the ZeroG chair allow surgeons to safely transfer the patients onto the chair after surgery and place them into optimal position for recovery. Any time during the rest, the patients can independently adapt their ideal position. By pressing a single “cloud” button on the hand switch, the chair can be set into Zero Gravity position, which offers pressure relief for the body and joints. First-class comfort is ensured by the extra soft padding, made of high-quality foam that prevents overheating and sweating.

We cordially invite you to watch the new product film and check out the product catalog. Contact us if you have additional queries. Novak M team will be glad to guide you through the details of the new ZeroG.

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