Medical center Iatros trusts in our products’ quality

The top quality is the focal point between Medical center Iatros and Novak M. Our cooperation hasn’t stopped and has lasted for 20 years. We are happy and proud that top specialists rely on us.

In 25 years, Medical center Iatros has established itself as the top research and educational medical facility in the field of proctology. They strive to provide their patients the best medical care and full support. They have been successful due to the highly qualified specialists and other personnel as well as the excellent equipment in their premises. The clinic has also earned the international AC accreditation.

The medical center features a day hospital, which means that patients return to home care after a surgical procedure in the same day and specialist practices. Practices were moved to a new building in 2015. Height adjustable and perfectly comfortable Novak M examination table models offer their specialists and patients perfect support during examinations.

We are aware that quality product by itself is not enough. Medical center visited by a large number of patients every day requires a quick and quality service in case of failure. Our technicians ensure that service is done effectively and as soon as possible.

We would like to thank Medical center Iatros for their trust and years of cooperation. We wish them many successfully performed procedures and satisfied patients.

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