Pain management clinic at Wil Hospital wants only the best for their patients

We can hardly imagine what a patient lying for long hours to receive therapy goes through. But, it is imortant to do everything to make it easier. At Wil Hospital pain clinic, they are aware of it and fort his reason chose Therapy chairs ZeroG. They will ensure perfect comfort for their patients during lengthy therapies.

The Wil Hospital in the canton of St. Gallen in Switzerland is one of the two hospitals of Spitalregion Fürstenland Toggenburg. It provides basic medical care and an emergency service for 115,000 people.

Patient’s well-being is the hospital’s utmost priority. Treating each patient individually according to the modern methods and up-to-date knowledge is what their specialized staff daily does. This is all the more necessary, when it comes to treating patients suffering from complex illnesses when pain exceeds the bearable level and lasts. In the hospital’s pain management clinic, their interdisciplinary team is doing their best to improve the quality of life of those with chronic pain.  In order to provide best care for their patients, when they need to lie still for long hours during therapy, they purchased Novak M’s Therapy chairs ZeroG-luxury for the pain management clinic.

Due to the soft high-technology foam mattress, patients won’t overheat or sweat. They can easily adjust the chair by themselves to be as comfortable as possible at any time during therapy. By pressing the”cloud” button on the hand switch, the chair sets in the Zero gravity position, which relives the pressure on body and joints. They can also adjust the headrest, armrests and a footrest which provides support in case of cramps. The medical staff benefits from the chair too. As patients are more independent during their lengthy therapies, the staff can focus more on their tasks. Adjusting the chair’s height and armrests to prepare a therapy at proper height means also protecting their own health.

Therapy chairs ZeroG was designed to be like a soft cloud to bring perfect comfort and relief to patients experiencing a lot of pain and discomfort in every other way. It is a great pleasure to receive feedback that this is truly happening.

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