Day hospital chair ZeroG – “2 in 1” chair for day surgeries

If you are constantly struggling with a question, which would be better for your day hospital, a surgery table or a stretcher, Novak M has a perfect solution for you. With Day hospital chair ZeroG you can easily prepare patients for surgery, safely transport them around the clinic and the chair will be perfect for comfortable postoperative recovery as well.

Day surgery growth calls for superior products

A lot of hospitals are being pushed to the limits due to the over-crowding. New trends in healthcare therefore show a great increase of surgical procedures being carried out in the same day. The Novak M day surgery products were designed in response to these outpatient trends in close contact with medical personnel and patient. To get a completely tailor-made medical equipment for your facility, you can use the online configurator.

One chair for all surgery phases

Day hospital chair ZeroG was developed to simplify the specialist’s work in outpatient surgery. You can prepare your patients for surgery and transport them to the OP room in the same chair. As the day hospital chair can be easily set into completely flat position, the patients can be safely transferred on and off the operating table. Due to the extremely soft mattress and a possibility to set the chair into Zero Gravity position, patients will rest comfortably in postoperative recovery. The chair is also equipped with firm and solid safety rails on both sides, which guarantee complete safety all the time.


Ultimate comfort for patients and medical staff

To provide the best user experience for medical personnel and their patients, Day hospital chair ZeroG includes a range of smart and simple features. Electric height adjustment offers low sitting position to the patients, while protecting the staff’s health and back by eliminating unnecessary bending.

Managing and maneuvering the chair is simplified due to the castors with central locking system, two fifth wheels and push handles at head section on optimal height.

Day surgery table S for minor operations

To perform minor surgeries and different ambulatory procedures, the Day surgery table S is an excellent choice.  Two table sections can be adjusted electrically with a hand switch, while the height of the table can be regulated by operating a circular switch from all sides of the table.

Simple table adjustments and flexible armrests allow you to place the patient into comfortable and completely symmetrical position. Narrow head section with oval breathing hole and slender base of the table enable easy access to your patient during surgery.

Would you like to know more?

For additional information about the available accessories and colors you can contact us and plan your visit to Novak M showroom in Komenda. The experienced sales team will gladly help you answer to all your needs.

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