Perfect solution for day hospitals

Day hospital chair Zero G is a perfect solution for out-patient departments. It replaces both, a hospital bed and a patient transport trolley due to comfort and exceptional agility. Visit our on-line configurator and customize the chair to fit the needs of your department.

Day hospital chair is richly equipped

The chair resembles a hospital bed with its comfortable mattress made of new technology foam. The safety rails (EU patent) ensure patient’s safety and the hand switch allows patients to adjust their position very easily by themselves. As the chair is intended for patient transport, it features all characteristics of a stretcher. The base includes two additional fifth wheels, which makes the chair very easy to handle and maneuver. That this proves to be true in practice, read the article about Medical center Iatros.

With a wide selection of accessories

Each outpatient department has specific needs and requirements depending on the surgeries and treatments performed. The wide range of accessories ensures you to completely customize the chairs. Our on-line configurator offers you the easiest way to go through all the options and choose what you need.


For easy use

To save some space and ease the transport, choose an infusion stand which is attached on a holder on the left or on the right side of the chair. Fixation rails along the lying section to attach any accessory you may need are available too.

Battery backup ensures that changing patient’s position whenever during transport won’t be a problem.

To maintain impeccable hygiene

In order to maintain and ensure high hygiene standards easier, a paper roll holder and PVC cover for the leg section can be added.

For even greater comfort

A foot rest contributes greatly to patient’s comfort. It is easily adjusted to a desired position by pressing an integrated button.

Day hospital Chair ZeroG is like being on a cloud

The mattress is covered in durable PU material available in three colors of the sky. Choose the one that will bring the calmness and tranquility of the sky into your premises. PU antistatic material in black is available too, but in the configurator you will find it among accessories.


Already made your own configuration?

You can save your day hospital chair configuration, make another one, compare them and send us an inquiry. We will make sure to get back to you as soon as possible and if you need any additional information, our team will gladly help you.

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