Stretcher X granted the European patent

The Stretcher X Patient transport trolley proves to be THE piece of equipment for emergency departments. Due to its diagonal base, it was granted the European patent. Fast and safe patient transport and simple access by X-ray equipment are its key advantages.

Throughout its forty years of operation, our company has been striving to find new solutions that enable end-users of our products to perform their work effectively, safely and easily. This is of utmost importance in the medical field, especially when it comes to saving lives, where every second counts. This was the key guiding principle in the process of developing Stretcher X.

Our life-support trolley received the Red Dot Design award in 2017 due to its high-quality design that is innovative in both form and function. Two years later, we are proud to announce that it was granted the European patent by the European Patent Office with “EP patent Nr. 3377017 – Device for transport and medical care of patients” as the official European patent number and title.

The underlying issue that led to the innovation was how to combine two main characteristics of a life-support trolley for use in emergency departments. On one hand, it has to allow rapid, easy, safe and reliable patient transport. On the other hand, medical staff has to be able to examine a patient and perform X-rays without having to move or turn the patient, which is time consuming and can cause additional injuries.

The design of Stretcher X thus features an innovative diagonal base. The symmetrical bottom section has a big castor in each corner and a durable plastic cover. The bed is supported by a pair of telescopic support poles set diagonally opposite. The bed frame is designed without any reinforcing elements that could be visible on X-ray images. The design allows quick and easy access by X-ray equipment and high X-ray permeability.

This European Patent for Stretcher X strengthens our mission, according to which medical products are designed in response to the needs of the medical personnel and at the same time ensure perfect comfort for the patients. We would like to invite you to see for yourself the quality and functionality of our Stretcher X patient transport trolley and our other products. Have a look at our updated website or visit us in person in our showrooms in Ljubljana and Dietikon.


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