Stretcher X answers the needs of a modern Itero rehabilitation center

Itero, the Centre for Advanced Treatment of Spine Diseases, has found Stretcher X to be the right answer for state-of-the-art, X-ray-guided procedures.

Center for Advanced Treatment of Spine Diseases

The modern Itero Center has been operating for almost 2 years in Ljubljana. Under its roof, the centre comprises activities for advanced treatment of the spine and other joints, congenital and acquired injuries and diseases, conditions after stroke, traumatic brain injury, spinal cord injury and cerebral palsy in particular. Modern equipment allows them to treat degenerative joint diseases and orthopaedic rehabilitation. In addition to practices and surgical part, the center has a large neurorehabilitation area equipped with the latest technology. Top experts in the fields of orthopaedics, neurosurgery, physiatry and physiotherapy prepare individual treatment programs for their patients.

Itero rehabilitation center reception desk

Why Stretcher X?

The Center for Advanced Treatment of Spinal Disorders follows the latest treatment pathways and excels in the modern and minimally-invasive treatment of low back pain using percutaneous techniques of blockade, infiltration, radiofrequency ablation and modulation.   The use of the C-arm X-ray machine during these procedures made Stretcher X the right choice. Thanks to the innovative diagonal base, which was granted the European patent, the lying surface of the two-section emergency trolley is largely permeable to X-rays, and it leaves more space for the C-arm operation. Additionally, the stretcher is customized with a breathing hole in the head section for perfect comfort of their patients during procedures.


Stretcher X – the perfect solution

We are delighted that the Stretcher X has been recognized as the perfect equipment for cutting-edge procedures and that it offers support to top professionals. We thank the Itero Center for their trust and wish them every success.

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