Stretcher X2 has arrived!

The next Stretcher X generation improves hospital patient flow allowing caregivers to carry out their tasks even easier and more efficiently while ensuring maximum patient safety and comfort.

Smooth patient transport

The next Stretcher X generation brings new solutions that make patient transport easy even if the trolley is handled only by one person. Stretcher X2 is 18 kg lighter than the previous generation and at the same time it features a 320 kg safe working load. It is ultimately reliable and much easier to push along the hospital corridors.

Rolling castors

Castor controls and height adjustment pedals are placed exactly where they should be to allow the staff quick and efficient operation. The standard castor controls at head and foot end can be replaced by four sided controls for full flexibility during transport. The addition of the fifth wheel instead of the standard directional castor furtherly improves maneuvering and turning on the spot.

Easy positioning

Both models, two-section and four-section Stretcher X2, feature hydraulic height adjustment allowing a very low access position. At 52 cm height, your patients will easily mount on and dismount of the stretcher.  Caregivers can adjust the height or put a patient in the Anti/Trendelenburg position hands-free via using the foot pedals on both sides of the trolley.


Enhanced comfort and safety

Due to gas springs, medical staff can easily manually adjust stretcher’s sections to support patients’ medical conditions or merely to make them more comfortable. A non-slip mattress or a mattress with handles are both available in three options varying in thickness and foam structure. Choose whichever meets the treatment on your ward better. When the safety rails that feature a patented solution are pulled up, your patient is fully protected against accidental fall.

To meet your needs

With a wide range of accessories, you can fully customize the stretcher to fit your clinical needs. It will prove to be the perfect solution for patient examination, treatment, recovery and transportation on your ward.

Find out more about the Stretcher X2 on our website, fully customize it to fit your clinical setting in the on-line configurator and you are most welcome to try it out in our showroom.

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