The new Stretcher X generation is on the way

At Novak M, we are entering the new year with a new product. We are happy to announce the next generation of the Stretcher X emergency trolley.

Stretcher X2

The new Stretcher X2 is ready to start doing its job in hospitals. After intensive work by our R&D department and industrial designers, prototypes and testing the trolley in both a certified laboratory and in various hospitals, we have reached the point where we can announce its imminent arrival on the market.

At this point, we would like to thank all those involved in photography and presentation video for the Stretcher X2: the excellent Ekvisuals film crew, the outstanding photographer Lovro Rozina, Arkadena Studio and Dr. Marko Grdina and the Piran Primary Health Centre, where they generously let us use the premises of their emergency unit. We would like to share some of the highlights of this project with you.

What can you expect?

When designing the new stretcher, its users, patients and medical personnel, were our first consideration. Patients need to be safe, supported according to their medical condition and, of course, they need to feel comfortable during the time they spend on the stretcher be it during transport, treatment or merely waiting. Stretcher X2’s sophisticated functionality and easy adjustments ensure that staff can provide all of these to their patients quickly and easily, in critical situations in particular. Increased safe working load, reduced weight and outstanding stability proven on laboratory tests are the key features of the new hydraulic patient transport trolley Stretcher X2.

Perfect solution on four castors

Our product development and design always involve collaboration with medical staff who tell us about the needs and problems they encounter while doing their job. The Stretcher X2 comes as a response to every day routine on different hospital wards, to help staff provide the best treatment and safe patient transport on a daily basis.

Stay with us in the anticipation of the Stretcher X2!

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