Primary health center Piran trusts in Novak M equipment

The municipality of Piran is richer for a new modernly designed and outfitted primary health center. It houses general medical, pediatric, pedopsychiatry and other specialized practices, emergency first aid service and Center of preventive medicine.

In the beginning of October, we had the chance to visit PHC Piran. Energy efficient ground floor building is perfectly located in the small seaside town of Lucija and it extends the options for primary health services. The first medical practices began working here in September and the official opening took place on October 14th.

Examination tables SXL plus in general and specialized practices

Electric examination tables in white porcelain color stand in all practices, except for the pediatric ones. A sunny yellow color was chosen for the tables to bring relaxation and playfulness into the space. All tables feature two-section table top to allow the most comfortable sitting position for the patients. The tables are 75 cm wide so the lying surface provides enough space also for tall and over-weight patients. This is important in particular when patients receive intravenous therapy and their arm needs to rest peacefully next to the body.electric examination table in a practice

Stretchers X in the emergency premises

Emergency service is available every day during the day. It becomes very important during tourist seasons when the population of seaside towns  triples. The premises are outfitted by Stretchers X. They chose the electric model with four-section lying surface allowing various positions which is crucial when admitting emergency patients. According to the medical personnel, the patient transport trolleys adjust simply and quickly and are exceptionally mobile and easy to turn.

stretcher x in emergency practice

Top-notch medical equipment from Slovenia

We would like to thank Primary health center Piran for trusting the top-quality products from our production. If you are furnishing a small private practice or you have a big project of outfitting a clinic ahead, do not hesitate to contact our team who will gladly help you. Browse through the range of examination tables or other products on our website and tailor them according to your needs in the on-line configurator.

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