Design your own examination table in the on-line configurator

Are you opening a general medical practice? Do you need equipment for a specialized practice? The best way to go through different models and accessories of the new S-line examination tables is certainly our on-line configurator.

Examination table supporting your tasks effectively

An examination table is the essential equipment in your practice ensuring that examinations and treatments proceed easily and effectively. At the same time, patients settling on such a table should not be overlooked. Different examination table models have been presented in one of our former posts and today we would like to guide you through the choice of a new examination table by using our on-line configurator.


Examination tables in two widths

Once you have decided on the model and entered the configurator, the choice of table width comes first. All examination tables are available in two different widths, 65 or 75 cm. Take into account the patients coming to your practice, treatments performed and your own figure so you can access patients easily.

Height adjustable tables

All examination table models are height adjustable, which contributes most to your good posture during treatments as height can be adjusted exactly according to your needs at any time. Besides, due to the low minimum height your patients, elderly, those with impaired mobility and children in particular, will settle on the table more easily.

With three models, the configurator offers you a choice between electric and hydraulic height adjustment. All other models are electric adjustable by a circular switch. Its greatest benefits are accessibility from all sides of the table and simple up and down operation by foot which leaves your hands clean and free.

Variety of accessories

You can customize your examination table to best fit your professional needs, especially if you run a specialized practice, by choosing among a wide range of accessories. In the configurator, you will find all accessories available with each model. But most importantly, each accessory you click appears on a 3-D picture of the table. This way, you see how an accessory looks like and where it is attached so you can decide if it fulfils your requirements. Moreover, the configurator warns you if accessories exclude each other or the other way round they need to include one another.

To maintain hygiene easier

Two most frequently chosen accessories contribute immensely to maintaining appropriate hygiene in practices. A paper roll holder under the head section is very handy as it allows you to simply pull the paper to prepare a clean seat for the next patient. If your patients don’t take their shoes off or so they don’t have to, PVC cover for the leg section will protect the upholstery.

Fixation rail along the table top to attach accessories

During examinations and treatments, specialists need to have some things within a hand’s reach. The rail allows you to attach accessories such as arm rests, infusion stand or a side table for instruments. The rails are of standard dimensions so any other specialized accessory can be attached on it.

More options

There are more accessories in our range you can customize your examination table with such as an ultrasound opening for ultrasound heart examinations, a safety switch to prevent unintentional operation, in particular with young patients, a battery backup in case of power outage, an additional hand switch in case you like buttons more, antistatic castors and thicker padding for ultimate patient comfort.

Examination tables in more than 30 colors

In the last configurator step, you can play with the upholstery colors for your new examination table. Let your imagination run a bit wild and click the colors you would never choose. Try them all out and pick a color that will bring a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere into your medical practice.


Configure a custom-made examination table

Visit the configurator and try out all the options our examination tables have to offer. Create your own user account and save configurations so you can compare them and send us an inquiry. If you need help or you’d rather have a look at the products in person, just contact our sales team.


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