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Are you opening a general medical practice? Do you need equipment for a specialized practice? Visit our on-line configurator and explore examination table models!

Perfect examination table in three steps

An examination table is the essential equipment in your practice ensuring that examinations and treatments proceed easily and effectively. Let us help you navigate the selection process using our online configurator, which guides you through three simple steps to tailor your table to your specific needs.


Step 1: Choose model

The first step involves selecting fundamental features that support the efficient work in your practice. Consider the types of examinations that take place in your practice and the patient positions you commonly use to determine the number of sections needed for the tabletop. While all tables offer height adjustment, you have the option to select from four different operational modes.

Step 2: Choose width

Once you have decided on the model, select table’s width. All examination tables are available in two widths: 65 or 75 cm. Consider the patients coming to your practice, treatments you perform and your own physical build so you can access patients easily.

Step 3: Choose accessories and color

To make sure the chosen model perfectly aligns with the specific use cases and provides the desired comfort for patients, customize it in more detail. Select among a wide range of accessories. Each accessory you select is displayed on a 3-D rendering of the table. This allows you to visualize how the accessory looks and where it is attached, helping you determine if it meets your requirements.

As the last thing you can explore the upholstery colors for your new examination table. Let your imagination run a bit wild and click the colors you would never choose. Try them all out and pick a color that will bring a relaxing and pleasant atmosphere into your medical practice.


Configure a custom-made examination table

Visit the configurator and try out all the options our examination tables have to offer. Create your own user account and save configurations so you can compare them and send us an inquiry. If you need help or you’d rather have a look at the products in person, just contact our sales team.

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