Electric or hydraulic treatment table?

Thinking about which mode of operation to choose for your treatment table? Let the pros and cons of electric and hydraulic tables, which we present in the following lines, help you to make a good decision.

Height adjustment is a must

The height adjustment of a treatment table is not in question, it is simply a must. To allow the therapist to always work in an ergonomic position and to allow the patient to get on and off the table easily. However, it is certainly worth considering whether the table should be electric or hydraulic. Make your decision based primarily on your needs, requirements and the workflow in your practice.

Don’t like electricity?

A hydraulic table gives you complete independence in your work. You don’t have to worry about where the sockets are, the cord will never be in the way and even in the event of a power outage, you can continue with your task peacefully. We would particularly recommend a hydraulic table if you are going to use it in a multi-disciplinary room and you need to move it regularly. In this case, you just lower the retractable castors and you are on your way.

For more comfort during treatment

The main disadvantage of a hydraulic table is that lifting requires physical effort. The desired height is reached by pushing the foot pedal, while the height of the electric table can be easily adjusted just by pressing the switch. The lowering and raising are smooth, which is more comfortable for the client lying on the table. Besides, you can be more precise with the height.

With no interruptions

The circular switch brings great benefits for you as a therapist. You can operate it from all sides of the table, no matter where you stand during the treatment. Also, the table can be optionally equipped with a battery in case there is a power outage. It will ensure that you can work uninterrupted for a short period of time when you do not have access to electricity.

Let your needs decide

We leave the final choice between electric and hydraulic operation to you, as the deciding factor should be your needs and the way tasks get done in your practice. With the right table, you will be able to carry out your professional work more confidently and smoothly.  If you need expert advice, our team is here to help.

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