Hydraulic treatment tables for the perfect learning environment

In a classroom setting, whether it’s a massage school, a physiotherapy program or a beautician school, where students have access to high-performance equipment, the learning process will produce better results. Novak M treatment tables can certainly take the learning experience to the next level.

A good learning environment produces outstanding results

You certainly want to provide a good learning environment for your students. It’s not just about them learning the knowledge, skills and competences of the profession of a massage or physical therapist, but about them experiencing the beauty of a profession that relieves people’s pain and helps them to regain their health and well-being. In any learning process, it is important to use high-quality equipment, and even more so here, as it is a human being on both sides of the treatment table.

To benefit the student and their future profession

Students need to learn how to take care of their own health. Massage and physiotherapy treatments must be carried out in such a way that the practitioner’s whole body works in harmony. The correct postures must be mastered, and this can certainly be ensured, particularly with tables that are adjustable in height.

Hydraulic treatment tables

In addition to electric tables, our range also includes massage and therapy tables with hydraulic height adjustment, which may be even more suitable for learning environments. Hydraulic pumps are extremely durable and adjusting the height is very easy via a foot pedal on either side of the table. This way, the power cords won’t get in the way if tables are moved or with many people in the room at once. Besides, the lower power consumption is not negligible.



When it comes to treatment tables in classrooms settings, one of the key features is certainly durability due to heavy use. Novak M’s tables are made of high-quality materials, having a sturdy steel construction and a safe working load of up to 250 kg. The tables will not bend or move even if stronger pressure is applied. In addition, they comply with all the required standards of the European legislation for medical devices, providing your students with additional safety.

Quality speaks for itself

We have been trusted by many educational institutions, including most recently the Izola Secondary School and the University of Novo mesto, which has equipped two classrooms with our tables for the practical part of physiotherapy studies. Feel free to consult our sales team and choose  massage and therapy table models that will suit your educational programs best.

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