Massage tables for the new school year

The Izola Secondary School, which is probably the school with the most amazing view, as you can sail the entire Bay of Trieste and walk all the way to Krn and Triglav from the classrooms, is looking forward to a new start with new massage tables.

Izola Secondary School

The Izola Secondary School offers a 4-year beautician program. The practical part will from now on will also take place on the Novak M massage tables. Students will use them to acquire new knowledge and skills in facial care, full-body massages, various device techniques and more.

massage tables in a classroom

Massage tables S2 for a combination of beauty treatments and massages

The  Massage table S2  was chosen for its ease of use, comfort and top-quality the tables have been known for for years. The tables will provide all the support students need for both beauty treatments and massages. They have a large lying surface which is very comfortable thanks to the double-layer foam. The head section is adjustable and features a breathing hole, which is indispensable for massage treatments. Above all, they are electrically height adjustable which allows setting the right working height for each individual.


Thank you for the trust

Thanks to Izola Secondary School, especially Mrs. Žaklin Lazar, for choosing our products. We wish all teachers and students every success in the new school year. May the tables serve you well in learning new skills!

Would you also like a high-quality table that will support all the activities in your beauty salon? Contact our team or simply use our online configurator to tailor the table according to your needs.

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