Medicine stool – a handy and stylish companion

Do you need a useful stool that combines both comfort and style? To complement your work environment, be it in a general or specialist medical practice, massage studio, physiotherapy practice or operating room? In Novak M’s on-line configurator, you can choose a stool that will meet your specific needs in just a few clicks.

Stool on feet or castors

The stools are available on feet or castors. If you use the stool mostly at your desk and you prefer it not to move, choose a stool on rubber feet. Besides, the stool is not heavy so you will easily lift it.

A stool with castors is more suitable if you often move from behind the table to your patient or move along your patient lying on a therapy table during treatments. The castors are smooth and suitable for all floors. You can also choose antistatic castors, which will prevent against electrostatic discharge and they are a part of standard equipment with OP stool.


Stool with a star or round base

Consider which base will be more suitable to how you do your job. Is it important for you to get very close to your patient while they lie on an examination or massage table? If so, choose a stool with a star base. Due to the spaces between the legs, you can come as close to your patient as possible. On the other hand, the advantage of the round base is that it offers you space where you can rest your feet while working.

With or without backrest

All stool models are available with or without a backrest. Consider which meets your needs better. A stool without backrest might be more appropriate during massage or physiotherapy treatments. It will bring relief to your legs and the backrest won’t be in your way as the stool is 360° rotatable. If you spend quite some time during different tasks behind your desk, the backrest will contribute greatly to your comfort and relief of your spine.

Choose the height adjustment range

All stools are height adjustable. You can adjust the height with the help of the lever under the seat and the surgeon stool has a foot-operated pneumatic height control, as surgeon’s hands must remain free and, above all, clean during procedures. Depending on your height in relation to your work surface, choose the height adjustment range that will help you keep your back in correct position during treatment.


Stool in a matching color

The comfortable seat is upholstered in high-quality imitation leather, which is available in more than 30 colors, the same as with examination and therapy tables. Try out the colors in the configurator. You can choose the same color as for the table or you can match it with other furniture in your practice.

With the last click, send us your configuration and we will prepare you a quote. If you prefer trying out the stool, you are welcome to visit our showroom in Komenda. For any additional questions, our team is at your service.

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