New modern equipment at Dermatology Clinic Zürich, Switzerland

Dermatology Clinic Zürich, Switzerland, equipped their premises with Novak M equipment. The products’ high-quality and top-notch design that fits their modern premises perfectly won them over.

In cooperation with our reliable partner OP Line, our Novak M Swiss sales team helped to choose the right equipment for the Dermatology clinic Zürich. This modern center specializing in general dermatology, skin cancer and body shaping & aesthetic medicine, has opened in spring 2018. On 550 m², the clinic comprises 7 examination rooms, an operating room, a UV light cabin, a cosmetic room and laser equipment. The clinic aims that treatments they provide are of the highest standard. The top-quality Novak M equipment contributes to ensuring that their specialized personnel can fulfil this goal.

The clinic chose Examination tables SXL to support their specialists during examinations. As the tables feature extra-long head sections, patients can be examined also in sitting position. The Medicine stools will contribute to the harmony of doctors’ working space. The Surgery table S8-luxury stands in the clinic’s state-of-the-art operating room. Due to its carefully designed features and easy adjustments, it will meet surgeons’ every need during surgeries. As the clinic strives to provide the best medical care, they also chose the Therapy chair ZeroG-luxury. Due to its high-technology foam mattress and easy adjustments, it will provide patients’ perfect comfort during long-lasting therapies.

If you are planning to equip your premises with high-quality and top-notch equipment, do not hesitate to contact us. We also welcome you to visit our showrooms in Ljubljana, Slovenia and Dietikon, Switzerland.

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