Therapy tables at Faculty of Health Sciences in Novo mesto, SLO

At Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Novo mesto, they are looking forward to the new academic year. The practical part of the study program Physiotherapy is moving to a new location to modernly equipped premises also by the high-quality Novak M’s therapy tables.

Physiotherapy – a new study program at Faculty of health sciences

The program Physiotherapy started out last year and represents a win-win for this Slovenian region rich with spas and health resorts. In this academic year, the program is moving to the new premises furnished and equipped by professional and expert approach of university lecturer Petra Kotnik. They want to provide their students with a friendly and modern educational environment to educate and prepare them for successful and efficient treatment of patients.

Therapy tables – a perfect teaching support

Classrooms for manual therapy and instrumental therapy, where students do practical part of their study, are equipped with therapy tables and stools in the blue color of the universe. »It is a firm physiotherapy color bringing calmness and seriousness to the class,« says Petra Kotnik. The tables are electric and feature a three-section lying surface to allow easy patient positioning. It is not only about an appropriate patient position, but also the future physiotherapist’s position. They pay a special attention to promoting good posture for students to learn to take care of their own health too.  Besides electric therapy tables, they also chose a hydraulic table, Bobath and a table featuring a three-part head section so the student get to know the possibilities and usage.

Therapy tables’ quality and price

The deciding factors when choosing therapy tables, which are fundamental but not a small part of investment, were cost and quality. Mrs. Blažič, MSc, says they choose the best. All tables are equipped with all necessary accessories to ensure good study conditions to all their students.

She also says that their decision was not an easy one because of the great number of tables. The quality and prices vary and it is difficult to recognize the right one. The professional relationship Novak M show to their clints, respecting the given word, acceptation of changes, product presentation, being there to give advice and the neatness of the production all contributed to choosing Novak M for the job.

New goals ahead

Therapy tables are waiting for the new generation of physiotherapy students. Novak M would like to thank the faculty of health sciences for their trust. We wish all lecturers and students, future physiotherapists, that the tables serve them well in acquiring new knowledge and skills.

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