Why equip a treatment table with a battery backup?

Has a sudden power loss ever occurred to you during a treatment? Table adjustments are no longer possible. You can’t lower the table or reset patient position. With a battery backup you can avoid such unpleasant situations.

An electric table – the most comfortable solution

The possibility of adjusting the height on examination, therapy or massage tables is a necessity for every practitioner. It helps you avoid health issues that occur due to incorrect postures. Electric tables additionally enhance the comfort of everyday work in a practice since adjusting the height requires only a push on a switch. The entire Red Dot awarded series of S tables are equipped with an intuitive circular switch that allows the table to be lowered or lifted from all sides. This makes your job even easier since you don’t have to move to make adjustments.

Avoid unpredictable situations

To make your job completely worry-free, all electric examination, massage and therapy tables have the option of a battery backup. It will ensure that you can work uninterrupted in all situations. In case of sudden power loss, you will be able to continue with your tasks. You can still place your patient in the desired position to continue treatment, you can raise the table to the appropriate height and, above all, you can still ensure that your patient dismounts safely.

The battery cannot replace the mains connection since it is not designed for regular daily use. However, it is very handy if you move the table around the room for therapy session purposes. In case the cable no longer reaches the socket, you can still use the table undisturbed due to the additional battery.

A wide range of accessories

When you perform treatment, you need to give your full attention to the patient and do your job with care and precision. You rightly expect the table to support your tasks 100%. Therefore, equip the table with accessories so that it will meet your needs perfectly and will ensure that you can carry out your professional work worry-free.

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