Accessories supporting high hygiene standards

Besides offering a professional medical examination or other treatment, outstanding hygiene is also vital at a great practice, clinic and hospital. This is especially important when you treat and examine more vulnerable patients, elderly or whose immune system is low. The best way to do so is regular cleaning and disinfecting of the purchased table, while a clean environment can be assured also by selecting the right additional accessories.

Variety of additional table  accessories

Novak M is constantly looking for smart solutions aimed at hygiene. Taking proper cleaning measures are basics in every practice, clinic or hospital if one wants to keep medical staff, practitioners and patients healthy. Our product range for different examinations and treatments consists of many accessories that will protect your table long-term.

Paper roll holder

A roll of paper is always a great solution to protect your table’s top upholstery during examination, massage or therapy. The paper can be simply pulled over the surface of your table, if you decide to purchase the paper roll holder. This way you quickly prepare a clean seat for the next patient. The holder can be mounted either under head section, leg section or on the table base.

treatment table with PVC cover in a physio practice

PVC cover for table  sections

For further protection of different table sections we offer PVC covers, that ease the cleaning. The cover is especially handy if your patients and clients don’t need to remove their shoes, therefore the padding is protected against dirt.

Innovative fully sealed padding

To extend the life span of your treatment table, we recommend regular cleaning, especially of the upholstery. Wash the padding with a soft brush or sponge and soapy water by using circular movement. The surface should be rinsed with clear water, wiped with dry cloth and left to dry off completely. Upholstery of examination tables S has taped and welded seams on the underside, so it is fully sealed. This solution prevents the penetration of liquids and simplifies maintaining the proper hygiene.

Want to know more about cleaning and caring for your equipment?

If you are still unclear about cleaning techniques and which products you should choose to achieve an even better hygiene, feel free to get in touch with Novak M sales team or our representative partner in your region. We will gladly provide a more detailed instructions and help you bring treatment to a higher level.

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