The treatment table is the most important thing for my job!

Miha Messner, a practitioner of manual therapy, is convinced that a quality treatment table is the key to doing his job well.

The first choice

Miha Messner worked on the treatment tables from our production already during his studies at the Academy of Manual Therapy at Higeja. From then on, he knew that his primary investment would be a quality table. The model Massage table S2, which offers a large and comfortable two-piece lying surface seemed the most appropriate. “It’s a basic asset for me because all my work is done on it. This is a long-term investment,” he says.



The practitioner chose a hydraulic treatment table for his practice. As he says: “The treatment table has to be height-adjustable because this affects my health as well. During each treatment I have to listen to my body. Sometimes I just find myself bent and I need to take a more ergonomic posture. I often adjust the height several times during a single treatment. I am aware that I have to be attentive to myself, because only if I am healthy, I will be able to help others.”

Reliable and safe

The treatment table must ensure that the patient is comfortable and feels safe on the table. Therapists often point out that the outcome of the treatment depends greatly on the patient’s muscles being relaxed. “If my patient is constantly in fear that the table is going to tip over, they are tense and the treatment cannot bring the outcome that we want. The patient has to trust the table as well as me. I especially notice the difference when patients are lying on their side during the treatment. On this table, they never feel scared.” The sturdy metal construction and high load capacity of 250 kg are features that ensure that both therapists and patients can rely on it completely.

Quality first

Messner Manual Therapy strives for holistic individual treatment, quality service and lasting results. We believe that the treatment table, which also complies with the European Regulation MDR, will help provide treatments on the  highest level.

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