How to choose the perfect upholstery of your treatment surface?

A treatment table, be for a massage or a therapy, is a piece of equipment, where your clients must feel absolutely safe and comfortable on. Novak M tables have been known for years to be the top-quality equipment, on which practitioners can do their job efficiently and quickly. A table comes in different varieties with different functions and among many that you need to consider is also the right upholstery.

Different options to support superior treatment

Our portfolio for different treatments consists of various models of massage and therapy tables. Depending on complexity of therapies there are two, three or four section tables available with different width and height control. You can adjust table sections manually or you may prefer a model with complete electric control. It does not matter which model you choose, all Novak M massage, therapy and Bobath tables can have either soft or firm upholstery.

What is the difference?

When purchasing your massage or therapy table sooner or later you need to think about how solid should the treatment surface be. If you are mostly performing relaxing massages, you probably strive for a table with softer padding. Standard upholstery on massage and therapy tables S is 8 cm thick and consists of a flexible, air permeable compact foam and highly flexible, quick-recovery foam. The main difference between soft and firm foam padding on these tables is in density of a quick-recovery foam. While soft foam padding has a density of 35 kg/m3, the firm one weighs 40 kilograms per cubic meter.

Even if you perform more intense manipulations during therapy sessions and you need more solid surface, the comfort to your clients will still be assured other ways. The padding is covered with seamless imitation leather of top-quality that is pleasant to the touch and its edges are finished at a right angle. All tables are equipped with a breathing hole, whose edge is made of memory foam for extreme patient comfort in a prone position. In the latter case, additional face cushion is also a welcome option.

Simplified cleaning

To extend the life span of your treatment table, we recommend regular cleaning and removing residues of oils. Wash the padding with a soft brush or sponge and soapy water by using circular movement. The surface should be rinsed with clear water, wiped with dry cloth and leave to dry off completely. You can use paper or sheets to cover the lying surface as well, which further protects the upholstery.

Are all your questions answered?

With the help of our online configurator, you can tailor the table according to your need. For additional questions and information, the Novak M sales team is always available and glad to help, or you can contact one of our representative partners in your country.

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