Therapy table S2 in Studio Ping

In a cozy corner in the country, in the Ping Studio, where you can come to relax, unwind, refresh or brighten up your looks after the stresses of everyday life, you will experience the comfort of the Therapy Table S2.

Pleasant and comfortable for all clients

Su Ping, the owner of the Ping Studio, chose an electric two-section table, which features a 94 cm long head section. “We mainly do full-body and facial massages on the table. It is very important that the client feels fully relaxed and comfortable during such treatments. We have pregnant women come to our studio too. We lift the head section so they can lean their entire back on and it is much more comfortable. Besides, this position suits others too, the elderly in particular since it makes easier to breathe.”

Completely worry-free

The therapy table impresses with its stability and sturdy construction, inspiring confidence in both the person lying and the person working on it. “If the table bends or wobbles during the treatment, the client is afraid instead of being completely relaxed. It was also difficult for me because I couldn’t fully rely on the table I was working on. That’s different now,” says Su Ping.


Adjusting the height quietly and smoothly

The electric table, which features a circular switch, makes the masseur’s job easier. For each treatment and during it, they can adjust the height to suit the tasks at hand. “It’s now easier for me to take care of the healthy posture. I know that this is extremely important for my health and consequently for my career. I especially like it that I can adjust the table’s height during a facial massage when I am sitting at the client’s head, and I don’t have to move or interrupt my work. In addition, the height adjustment is quiet and smooth, which is more pleasant for the client, especially compared to a hydraulic table.

The cherry on top

The comfort that the therapy table brings to the Ping Studio is just like the cherry on top of the pleasant ambience and the experienced and skilled fingers. Thank you for placing your trust in us and we wish you many pleased and happy clients!

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