Utmost relaxation with a three-part head section

Impressing your clients is always a tricky job. To achieve that, you not only need to be professional and have a great looking practice, the very important part is also choosing the best massage or therapy table.

Ease the pressure on muscles in the shoulders and back

Can you often hear an echo of your patients’ objections in your head, how uncomfortable they feel during treatment? With Novak M massage or therapy table, the echo will be a thing of the past. “Our clients have been raving about the facial comfort and comfortable padding. In particular, they praised the arm-rest option. The practitioners at our practice also find that the arm-rest helps them ergonomically while providing treatment,” said dr. DiPaola from Impact Health Niagara in Canada, when asked what impressed them the most about purchased Novak M treatment table.

Innovatively designed three-part head section that can be added to every Red Dot awarded model among massage and therapy tables S is the perfect solution to a comfortable prone position. It allows you to adjust the armrest in a way, that your patients’ shoulders, neck and the entire spine are completely relaxed.

Let’s make it easier and faster to handle

Many massage and therapy tables on the market offer quite time-consuming solutions with adjusting the armrests. Usually, you need to set each armrest separately and busy yourself with untightening and tightening the screws. All this is a thing of the past with Novak M synchronously adjustable three-part section, where both armrests are adjusted at the same time.

The adjustment mechanism is integrated in the head section’s frame, which brings you another advantage for fast and efficient treatment. Since there are no screws, you will have unhindered access to the patient even when you are seated at the head section.

Simple adjustment of three-part head section

The three-part head section on your massage or therapy table is very simple, as both armrests are adjustable synchronously at the same time. You simply press on the small lever under the middle part of the head section and push one of the armrests up or down. This way you can offer your patients an even more relaxed and comfortable prone position.

Add a three-part head section to your model of treatment table

Let the therapy or massage table bring luxurious comfort and utmost relaxation for you as well as for your patients. If you have additional questions, Novak M team will gladly provide whatever you need, or you can contact one of our representative partners in your country.

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