Massage tables S2 ensuring maximum patient comfort across the ocean

»Our practitioners agree that massage tables are essential in order to provide best patient experience and outcomes, « says Dr. Daniela DiPaola from Impact Health Niagara clinic in Ontario, Canada.

Supporting head-to-toe treatments at Impact Health Niagara

Two Massage tables S2 perfectly support the work of massage therapists, chiropractors and a physiotherapist at the Imapct Health Niagara clinic that deals with musculoskeletal conditions head-to-toe. They treat injuries that are sports-related as well as daily aches and pains. Their massage therapists provide both sports massage and spa-like treatments.

In the past when starting a brand-new clinic, I did not have the proper tables due to initial startup costs, and we found that the patients were complaining of discomfort during massage due to the tables, which we felt would ultimately affect their treatment outcome. Upon opening our new clinic, it was a priority for us to make sure these needs were attended to in order to provide the best patient experience and outcomes we could,” the owner of the clinic explains their choice.

Comfort and relaxation guaranteed

Massage tables S2 feature 8 cm thick soft-foam padding and a breathing hole with memory foam around the edges. Both are additionally equipped with a three-part head section that adds tremendously to the relaxion of the patient’s entire shoulder girdle. “Our patients have been raving about the facial comfort, padding, and arm-rest option. Our practitioners also find that this helps them ergonomically while providing treatment, and thus allows for a comfortable and better overall experience for our patients.”


Placing trust in quality

We are pleased that our tables support practitioners across the ocean too. Thanks to Impact Health for trusting in our products and special thanks also to our Canadian partner Remington Medical. If you are not sure which treatment table model would suit your clinic best, contact our sales team or our partners for some expert advice. But what you surely needn’t worry about is if Novak M tables fit into the overall layout of your practice. The Red Dot awarded timeless design will only complement it.

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