Endure complete comfort of Stretcher X2

A stretcher or a patient transport trolley should be present in every hospital structure. At the same time, it must be practical and functional to speed up the staff’s work at an emergency ward, while it also has to ensure maximum comfort to patients. Choosing the perfect mattress type will guarantee the best user experience.

Various mattress models to meet every need

Stretcher X2 with improved innovative solutions is a valid support for every hospital. It can make a difference whenever an emergency arises and you need to intervene in a timely manner. Besides its remarkable safe working load of 320 kg, lightweight and low access height, complete support and comfort are also guaranteed with different mattress types.


Smooth and efficient treatment

It is crucial to know that the chosen stretcher will have the right specifications to cater to the needs of medical staff in your hospital. If you work in a department where patients are often moved together with a mattress, the perfect solution is a Stretcher X2 equipped with a transfer mattress. It has handles and a smooth underside. There is also a non-slip mattress available with Velcro strips on the bottom. The feature prevents sliding when your patients access or get off the stretcher.

Enhance your patient’s comfort

When admitted to a hospital or an emergency ward, patients are in different medical conditions. As you place them on a stretcher, you need to make sure that the product will provide full support and comfort. Whether you choose a non-slip or a transfer mattress, they both come in three different options that vary in thickness and foam structure.

The responsive mattress is 6 cm thick and made of highly flexible, quick-recovery foam. The mattress comfort has an extra layer of memory foam, thus being 8 cm thick. Last but not least is the 10 cm thick mattress extra-comfort, made of both before mentioned foams and air-permeable foam as well.


Ease the cleaning and disinfection

The next Stretcher X generation is designed to make cleaning and maintenance simple. Stretcher X2 not only features smooth surfaces and anti-scratch materials, but also a removable mattress, therefore maintaining a clean surface should not be an issue. To prevent the penetration of blood, urine, fat and disinfectants, the seams are welded and taped.

If you wish to make a difference in your hospital and bring treatment to a higher level, feel free to contact us or visit our showroom in Komenda.

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