Superior massage table is one of the spas icons

Having a massage table in the wellness center or spa is fundamental for all masseurs and therapists. Therefore, it is very important to satisfy their needs, when equipping the beauty center, but on the other hand one must consider the expectations and comfort of the customers as well. You may find the perfect balance in Massage tables S by Novak M.

Unique wellness program requires unique massage table

When you offer your guests different treatments and a variety of unique wellness services, you need to ensure a high-quality standard with equipment as well. The massage table that you choose can contribute to enhancing the modern, minimalist design of the spa.

Massage tables offer simple height adjustment

Besides the massage table being user-friendly and beautiful to look at, it needs to have many other advantages, first definitely being height adjustable. Novak M offers electric or hydraulic massage tables S. Practitioner can adjust the height by a simple push of the electric circular switch up and down from all sides of the table.

If one wishes to choose the hydraulic model, the height can be regulated by repeatedly pressing the pedal on each side of the massage table. The feature was designed in order to offer masseurs to customize their working conditions to avoid the risk of pain or damage caused by bad posture.


Massage tables are made of top-quality materials

The padding of the massage table and its thickness greatly contribute to the client’s level of comfort. Massage tables by Novak M offer a wide lying surface, covered with 8 cm thick padding. The upholstery is made of seamless imitation leather that is resistant to urine, blood, mold, disinfectants and is very pleasant to the touch. Therefore, the clients will lie comfortably during a massage, while the practitioner will easily ensure proper high hygiene standards, as the cleaning is immensely simplified.

woman is relaxing on the spa massage table

Tailor the massage table to meet your needs

Despite many standard innovative solutions for the client’s utmost comfortable massage experience, such as soft padding and memory foam around the breathing hole, you can bring treatment in your spa to a higher level with additional equipment. A very popular accessory is a face cushion, which gently cradles your client’s face while performing massages in the prone position. For complete relaxation of shoulders and back, the massage table can be equipped with a three-part head section. It has a benefit for masseuses as well, as both armrests adjust simultaneously.

Want to make a luxurious change?

Make a perfect decision for your spa, wellness center or beauty salon by choosing a superior massage table Novak M and bring treatment to a higher level for masseurs and their clients. If you have questions, our experienced sales team will gladly provide anything you need.

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