Examination tables by the numbers

Every doctor’s surgery features an examination table. The question is how and to what extent it supports the doctors at their job and the patients who settle on it. We have compared Examination table SL with four electric tables by other European manufacturers.

Comfortable and safe for patients

As standard, examination tables are 205 cm long and between 65 and 75 cm wide. The width does not play a role in the price at Novak M; you choose a narrow or a wide table and the price does not change. Due to the padding finished at a right angle, the usable surface area of the tabletop has been increased by 21%. On each side, 7 cm have been gained. This matters the most when patients need to roll over to their side or to the prone position. Patients’ can comfortably rest their arms next to their body even if they are of bigger stature.

Fully reliable

The maximum safe working load for examination tables on the market is 250 kg, which is also the case with the hydraulic and electric S line examination tables. It represents a 20% increase in safe working load compared to the previous S line or the average weight capacity of the tables on the market. With over 54% of the population in Slovenia being overweight* and with similar European figures, the weight capacity certainly is one of the key characteristics. Only on specific bariatric examination table models safe working load is higher.

For safe access and ergonomic positioning

People with impaired mobility and the elderly are among every doctor’s patients. If the table can be lowered to a very low point, we ensure that they can get on and off the table much more easily. The examination table SL can be lowered down to 47 cm, just 1 cm less than the lowest point of the models compared. On the other hand, it can boast the widest height range, reaching its highest point at 94 cm. The table allows that medical staff can adopt an ergonomic posture during treatment.

Worry-free warranty period

Let’s finish with the warranty period, which is important to every customer. An examination table is a long-term investment and needs fast and reliable service when necessary. The longest warranty period among the compared models is 36 months, which is also guaranteed by Novak M.

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*Kazalniki SDG, Statistični urad Republike Slovenije: accessed February 5, 2023: https://www.stat.si/Pages/cilji/cilj-2.-odpraviti-lakoto-zagotoviti-prehransko-varnost-in-bolj%C5%A1o-prehrano-ter-spodbujati-trajnostno-kmetijstvo/2.1-stopnja-prekomerne-telesne-te%C5%Bee

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