Health comes first at Novak M

Despite persistent and hard work, Novak M employees know how to take care of their health and active lifestyle. We prove this every time by participating in various sport events all over Slovenia. Due to the situation with the epidemic COVID-19, we were left without the traditional Franja Marathon in June, but this news did not stop our team from their everyday workout.

Promoting a healthy lifestyle at work

It has been repeatedly emphasized that the health and well-being of Novak M employees is one of the important priorities in the company. Fresh fruit is available to employees in the dining room, and we always encourage sports activities. This contributes to their better well-being, higher productivity, motivation, and a better climate during work.

Persistent training for next year

As a precaution in the event of an outbreak of COVID-19, we have been deprived of many sporting events in recent months. Among them was also the 39th Franja Marathon, where we participated every year. No weather condition could have stopped our enthusiast cyclists, as they successfully finished either the small marathon Franja (97 km) or the large marathon Franja (156 km) in the previous years. In order to stay in the best possible shape until the next marathon, Novak M sports team will continue with cycling and being active in general around Slovenia.

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