We remain loyal to Novak M treatment tables!

“We have been using Novak M treatment tables for many years now. We are extremely satisfied with them, so we remain loyal!” one could read on the FB profile of Dermatologija.si when the examination and therapy tables were delivered to their new premises.

A modernly designed center

This year, Dermatologija.si Medical Center continues with its business on a new location in Situla in the center of Ljubljana. Despite the hustle and bustle of the city below, upon entering the center, the visitor is overwhelmed by the calmness that this modern space design creates. Numerous surgeries are equipped to the highest standards, also by Novak M examination and therapy tables.

Top-notch equipment to support the professionals

Dermatologija.si provides examinations, treatments and procedures in the fields of clinical dermatology, skin and laser surgery and aesthetic medicine. Different table models from 2-section examination tables, 4-section treatment tables to gynecological examination table answer the needs of their specialist practices. All of them are characterized by outstanding functionality combined with a simple and clean design that has won the Red Dot Design Award.

Dr Vesna Tlaker, who is the heart of the medical center not only for her leadership and expertise, but also for her dedication and commitment to her patients and clients, said: “Your tables, which we have been using intensely for the last 4 years, are flawless and nothing has ever broken down. We have complete confidence in Novak M, which is why we have chosen your products again. Thank you for the impeccable quality and the excellent design, which fit beautifully in our practices.”

Every success!

We would like to thank everyone at Dermatologija.si and especially Dr Vesna Tlaker for their loyalty and cooperation. We spent a pleasant morning at your premises photo shooting. Thank you and we wish you every success at your job!

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